Slur ( A Story unrevealed)

“Sister I am dying with hunger”

wait for some time bro I’ll cook somethin’ for you”

Suddenly a rain drop falls on Michael’s face outbreaking the magic of his beautiful dream revealing the ferocity of the world.

It’s been 8 months since he is living all alone under this dribble roof. Now he does not go to school anymore and works as a garbage picker and sweeper .

Work for him meant searching gold out of garbage because that was the only means of his livelihood. This was an usual day for him as he was going to work until he got a piece of paper in the dumping ground, nearly 8 months old. The words written on that piece of paper were such a thunderclaps for him. It was written over it ”Prostitute attempted suicide after being arrested by the police” , at the corner of that torn paper there was a photograph of a young girl nearly 20 to 22 years old. Everything flashbacks in front of his eyes. The memories of that black day were still crystal clear in his blank mind. His sister Christine was his only family after the death of his parents. She was working as a sales associate in a call centre and because work and dedication had no limits for her so she was working late night shifts also those days. One night she was on the way from her office to home meanwhile one of her colleagues threw acid on her body just because she refused his relationship proposal. That night had bought the worst out of it which could happen upto the last level of barbarity. Christine and Michael went to the policestation in hope of justice but the bribed corps made allegations of prostitution against the poor girl and arrested her to save the culprit. Just because she used to travel late night she got a tag “characterless “ by the society and the corrupt policemen which is somehow still printed on that piece of paper but not on her soul because her soul was ruptured with viciousness the same night when she suffered from acid attack. Instead of taking strict action she was kept in the cell that whole night where the inhumans crossed every limit of atrocity and teared her soul into thousands of pieces when one of the Saviour (policeman) raped her whole night in the darkness of the cell. The next morning they left her free. Her body was free but her soul was confined in the cage of insinuations made by the society after spending that dark night in the policestation. She was a warrior and tried hard to face the world but just like iron couldn’t resist corrosion after getting in contact with droplets of water similarly Michael can still imagine the way words slurred when they came out of people’s mouth. And then one early morning Christine went out in the ironically dark dawn and didn’t came back ever…….

Michael came back out of that daymare when someone said, “come on boy, hurry up!!! there’s a lot of garbage to clean”. He knew very well that he could clean up the garbage spread outside but could never clean up the insinuated garbage filled up in Society’s mind to prove her sister innocent.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. He crushed that piece of paper and continued his work…………

Copyright ©2018. All rights reserved.


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